Michael BrownI’m Michael Brown, a self taught artist who believes that my artistic ability is a God given talent and enjoys sharing with others. I spent most of my earlier career rendering pets, homes and loved ones for friends and family. Constantly looking for opportunities to reach others with my work, I’ve continued to expand my range of subject material and have recently begun to focus on graphics.

Discovering the versatility of alcohol markers has been a whole new experience for me, allowing me to create some exciting new works focusing on the world of collegiate sports. This step away from my traditional style adopts a more open and free approach that is perfect for my Sports Player Prints – works that are rich in color and full of movement.

This site is devoted entirely to collegiate and professional sports. Many of my works are requests from friends and close acquaintances. I started with UGA as my main focus, being a Georgia native and loving our “Dawgs”. I have since added other divisions, including mascots, and potentially coaches and university renderings, as well as adding special products such as mugs, canvas prints, magnets and other items all based on my original images.

While I love rendering the athletic subjects, my career really started with commission request for friends children, their pets and childhood homes. Please check out my sister site for a glimpse into my other passion, Portraits and More.